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26 March 2016 @ 11:11 am
Fanfic Directory  
Finally I decided to to make a fanfic list/directory, it's because I want to arrange my fics. Currently I have 3 Dramione Fics and soon I will also write a YUNJAE fics yay! So here are my fics

updated: May 17; add chapters for She's my wedding planner


Because I'm a Malfoy
Summary: Draco love Hermione and so was she to Draco, but their love have to end as possible so that Draco's Father won't know it. Now it's on Draco if he will break up with Hermione and Obey his father or will he follow his heart to love Hermione Even he is a Malfoy.
part 1 I part 2 I part 3 I part 4

Mismatch, Perfect for each other

Summary: she's the Brightest witch of her age, He's the slytherin Heartrob. They're enemies but what hill happened if  they know each others embarrassing secret.
part 1 I part 2 I part 3 I part 4
Status: WIP

Maybe we're not
Summary: No matter how hard you try,you can make the person you love cry
part 1


I love a ....guy?
Summary:Jaejoong has a girlfirend name Jessica Jung but when he bump into a manly guy during the last birthday party of his best friend Park Yoochun , Jaejoong can't stop thinking of the guy mostly the time that guy became his classmate. And Because of certain events Jaejoong start wondering who he truly like is it still his girlfriend Jessica or is it the guy name Jung Yunho
part 1
Status: WIP

That Summer
Summary: Choi Sulli travel for the first time alone, she decided to visit her grand parents one summer and to escape the life she has on the city even just for a week or two. But the summer vacation she's dreaming of slowlyturn into mess when she meet Minho - The guy she meet that summer.
part 1I part 2 I part 3 I part 4 I part 5 I part 6 I part 7 I part 8 I part 9 I part 10 l part 11 I part 12 I part 13 I part 14 I part 15 I part 16 I part 17 I part 18 I part 19

She's my wedding planner
Summary: 7 years ago, he loves her and she love him too but she decided to dump him. One day they meet again, Minho’s getting married within a month but what will happened if he found out that Sulli is their wedding coordinator.
Status: WIP

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